Hello all

This is my site dedicated to writing. You can find updates on ‘The Program’  by clicking the tab on the menu above. I’ll have Q & A’s, as well as updates, and even snippets of whats coming in book 2!

I’ll also be posting chapters on my new works, (Eshu primarily) in the writings tab. There will be a lot of free readings there as I’m still trying to build a following more than anything else.

I plan to hopefully turn this site into a personal website. You’ll be able to find out anything you need to know about me and what I’m doing writing wise, and even personal to an extent. (I’m a pretty private person so don’t expect much there lol.) 

So if there’s any kinks in the site, I apologize in advance. I’m pretty tech savvy but finding the time to even get this site going has been difficult lately.


Welcome abroad.