My Tips For Anxiety and Worry

My Tips for staying Worry and Anxiety Free

(Well as much as possible anyway. Also these tips are things that have both worked and not worked for me. They are in no way a cure for your depression or anxiety and if you feel as if your mental illness is spiraling out of control, PLEASE seek the help of a professional.)

((Also some of the steps aren’t the self help tips I usually see. I wanted to add a few different ones than what your normally told to do.))

  1. Repetitive in every self help/ self care list, but so crucial. STAY HYDRATED WITH WATER. Juice, smoothies, and coffee is great and everything. But you have to get in some water. A lot of times, people will get headaches, or nauseous or even hungry and they treat those symptoms only. But, those can also be the symptoms of dehydration. So drink your water!
  2. Get sleep. I suck at  this. I have days where I’m great and I get a full eight hours. And other days (And I’m actually going through this now) I’ll only get three maybe four hours and I’m up wide awake but dead tired. So do your best to get some rest. (How to sleep better, will be in another post.)
  3. Deep breathing exercises. When anxiety hits me, and most often in the worst of times like work, it can be the worst feeling in the world. Your all nervous for no reason. Your heart rate jumps up for no reason. You can barely catch your breath. You feel as if your going to freak out at any moment in a room full of people. STOP. Breath in counting to five, and make sure your breathing in the whole time. Hold it for five seconds. Exhale for five seconds, repeat until you feel if not normal, then like you can continue on with your day or shift.
  4. Yoga. This goes in with the step above. I usually do the poses for the breathing. But going through the motions can help you get your heart rate under control.
  5. Speaking of yoga. EXERCISE! When I’m hit with depression, its almost impossible to do anything. But I’ve gotten pretty good at being able to tell when a bout is coming. It usually starts with some anxiety attacks. I make sure to get up and go to the gym while this is happening to get my endorphins up.
  6. Indulge, but not too much! It’s okay if you cant stop the anxiety, or depression from coming. It still happens to me. It never actually goes away, unless you get medicated which I firmly don’t believe in for myself. (But please do what works for you!) When I can’t stop it. I usually indulge myself a little. (Never overdo it, because that can be a cycle that is hard to break, believe me.) I watch some funny movies, eat my favorite snack. Drink a ton of tea. I do something that relaxes me and takes my mind off of it. (Lately I’ve found that binge watching anime has been a pretty good mood lifter for me.) My point is, you can’t always stop yourself from having negative thoughts about yourself. But you have to remember that those thoughts don’t define you. It’s okay to be sad.
  7. Sunshine. I swear this one is so underrated. Growing up your told to much sun is bad for you. But when I get a cold, or when I’m catching the blues. Sometimes I just get up and go for a walk or literally sit outside under the sun. I don’t care what anyone says. The sun is life. The sun will recharge you. The sun will make you feel so much better. (Mostly because of the vitamin D.)
  8. THERAPY. A lot of people tend to overlook this because therapy can be expensive. But if you do some digging and find a therapist that actually cares. They are more often then not willing to work with you. For a year, I started by going twice a week, then after a few months went down to once a week. Then once every two weeks until finally I was going once a month, or when ever life got to overwhelming. I was lucky to find a therapist that had no ability to medicated either.
  9. Don’t depend on your friends to get you better. I know thats weird to hear, every page I’ve ever seen says surround yourself with people that can help pull you out of your own way etc. I think thats a crutch. Unfortunately your friends are not always going to be there as much as they wish they could be. There are going to be times when its just you and your own mind. Accept this reality now and try your best to come to terms with it. The sooner you can understand whats going on in your own mind and start taking steps to dealing with it, the better of you’ll be. That being said. If having a friend night is what gets you out of your funk thats great! My point is, don’t get to the point that if  for some reason they cancel, the world collapses around you. That’s dangerous and frankly it isn’t fair to you or your friends.
  10. Hobby. Find something to do that helps get you over the hill. For me, its writing. It helps me cope and it helps me analyze the thoughts running through my head. Getting it out on paper helps get it out of my head and put in perspective. Some days its hard to actually get the will to do this, but having it there is a huge help. Also if you can get more than one hobby, even better. I like the gym a lot, and crafts, and reading. Crap I forgot about reading! Find some funny great authors and read there works!
  11. BONUS! I use a lot of CBD Oil. I have one in my vape thats guava flavored. It’s not a cure by any means, but it helps keep my stress levels down. You’ll never get high off of this stuff as its got like .00000000001% of THC in it. But one day I did puff my vape for about five hours straight while bar tending. I was tired by the end of my shift because it was 3 am and pretty relaxed but that was about it. And that was only due to the fact that it was 3 am and I was sleepy. It was probably even a placebo effect to an extent and I am okay with that.

That’s pretty much all I have for now. I know the usual stuff was in there, water, exercise, therapy. But I hope the more unusual tips will help.

I know anxiety and depression are hard to deal with and it can feel like you don’t see any point in anything. You can be a face full of smiles while at work and seemingly okay but the entire time your laughing and joking. On the inside, your watching yourself and hating everything that comes out of your mouth.

Negative thoughts are never fun either but you have to find ways to combat it. Sometimes I catch myself just drifting down a spiral of negative emotions and I start yelling ( internally of course) about how much of a bad ass I am, and immediately stop doing whatever it was that I was doing that started the negative emotions in the first place.

There are days when it works, and there are days when it doesn’t.

But as my therapist said, “Don’t beat yourself up about the bad days. Your only human and its part of your journey. Besides, if life was only full of good days, then it would be a pretty unremarkable adventure.”

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