Chapter 1

My eyes snapped open so fast I was surprised my eyelids didn’t break. I sat up in the darkness searching my bedroom in fear. Breathing somewhat heavily I felt something slide to my legs. Turning on the light, I looked at the weight and saw my battered copy of Dracula. Realizing what had caused my nightmare, I laughed softly. I felt another weight on my neck and straightened the necklace I always wore.

“Bad dream?” A voice murmured next to me.

Turning I saw Decklen, a person I had known for quite a while now, resting on my bed. But we both knew it was an appearance, Decklen never rested.

“What’s wrong Rheya? You looked scared.” He asked me concerned.

As I looked at Decklen, I realized who the Vampire in my dream was modeled after. Black hair that fell into his eyes messily. The same nose, the same accent I couldn’t place. The same frame and build. The only difference, and I should have caught onto it instantly, was that Decklen’s eyes were gray not blue. And he didn’t wear a cape.

“Just a bad dream.” I said, “don’t worry yourself.”

“You were talking to yourself for quite a while. ” Decklen frowned at me, ” I gave up and came in to check on you, but you woke up.”

“It was just a dream,” I said to him smiling.

“Are you sure?” He asked me softly. He reached out and pulled a lock of my equally black hair.

“Yeah.” I said shaking head out of his reach, “What time is it?”

“Five thirty, you should sleep some more.” He said glancing at the clock next to him.

But I shook my head once more and got up from the bed. “Nah, I’m too amped to sleep. I think I wanna go for a run.” I answered as I stretched my arms to get the kinks out.

I had fallen asleep in such an awkward position. Half sitting. I turned to face Decklen, and I saw that he wasn’t buying my words. It was true though, I was too freaked to sleep.

Not that I’d admit it.

“It’s raining.” He frowned at me.

Clearly, he was worried about my catching pneumonia and dying.

“So, I’ll get wet.” I answered not meeting his eyes.

I knew he was worried, if something happened to me, Decklen would be alone. I grabbed some socks and left the room. After lacing  my shoes, I headed out the door.


Once outside I saw that Decklen had been right, it was raining, but not enough to stop me. I walked back inside and pulled a long sleeve shirt over my sports bra before heading back out and silently jogging into the misty dawn.

Unused to the action, my legs started to burn almost immediately, but I set myself a steady pace, and soon enough I had put in two miles.

I was starting my third when Decklen appeared beside me.

I smiled at his appearance. Decklen always made me smile. Being around him always did that to me. I couldn’t help but be relaxed around him. As we started my fourth mile, people began to come outside.

I nodded to some, and they smiled and waved their good mornings to me in return. As we rounded the corner that led back to my little townhouse, a young girl came outside. She waved at me excitedly, and I waved back smiling softly at her. However as we kept on, I noted that she didn’t wave to Decklen.

No one ever did.

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