Hello all


This is my site dedicated to writing. You can find updates on ‘The Program’  by clicking the tab on the menu above. I’ll have Q & A’s, as well as updates, and even snippets of whats coming in book 2!

I’ll also be posting chapters on my new works, (Eshu primarily) in the writings tab. There will be a lot of free readings there as I’m still trying to build a following more than anything else.

I plan to hopefully turn this site into a personal website. You’ll be able to find out anything you need to know about me and what I’m doing writing wise, and even personal to an extent. (I’m a pretty private person so don’t expect much there lol.) 

So if there’s any kinks in the site, I apologize in advance. I’m pretty tech savvy but finding the time to even get this site going has been difficult lately.


Welcome abroad.

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Last Chance

I’ve updated ‘The Program!’ It’s going to take exactly some time for it to be ready as it’s under review, copies of the 1st edition will be available until the update is complete. That won’t take long so grab  yours now before the 1st edition disappears forever!  

The Program!

The Program is available on Amazon as a paperback book! Its so amazing to me that I can finally say that this is happening. I know I’ve got such a long way to go. It can get frustrating at times because even though I’ve only just become public about my writing, I’ve been writing for … Continue reading The Program!

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